Raising Ava and Binh

Becoming a father changes people in different ways.  I’m not sure I have ever heard anyone say the same thing about how it changed them.  The day Ava entered my life I changed.  She immediately made me a better person.  She uncovered a new place in my heart, a place only a father can know.  When she smiles, laughs, or cries, it just goes through the complications of the day and instills what she is feeling straight into my heart.  She simply draws me near. 

The Binh came along.  We planned for him in a similar way and he came with his own set of surprises.  He has taught me patients and understanding.  Char and I spent time learning how he was initially shaped and how to best meet his needs with our toolbox.  He has really blossomed over the last 6 months.  It took a little time to realize that unique depth of love that comes raising a child but it came.  He has done something that defies rational thinking, exponentially increased the size of my heart and joy.  Most engineers hate the whole greater than the sum of its parts saying.  However, in matters of the heart, this seems to be true.


3 responses to “Raising Ava and Binh

  1. It’s amazing to watch Ava grow, I only wish for her to be closer to us. The medical doctors (I’ve been told) will tell you your heart is about the size of your fist. These doctors must not have had children. As you will see, as Ava and Binh grows your heart has a unlimited amount of size. Each time you watch them sleep and they smile from a dream (or gas), First steps, first words, watching smile because of a gift from santa, or the first painful goose egg on that tiny little knoggin, fingers getting caught in the door that you’ve warned them about a thousand time, their best friend hurting them at school, or seeing them drive away alone with a license. They can’t tell me that all of these, and so much more can warm a heart or create such a pain that your not sure if you’ll live can be created in a muscle the size of your fist. As the old man in the family I will tell you to soak it all in, the good and the bad, it all goes so quickly.

  2. read this right now and find both these – address and comment beautiful. I love how you say: “When she smiles, laughs, or cries, it just goes through the complications of the day and instills what she is feeling straight into my heart. She simply draws me near.” And Ryan’s acute observations on children. Good blog, brother 😉

  3. They are both so sweet. I look forward to cathing up with you guys soon over the phone.

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