Christmas Cooking

We had a very Merry Christmas.  Let’s just say that Char and the kids were very good this year.  Ava woke multiple times in the night in anticipation.  We all got up around 6:30 (normal time) this morning.  The kids rounded the christ_giftcorner to see the gifts Santa left (the unwrapped ones).  Char said, “look at what Santa brought!” and Ava added, “from Target!”  Their big gift was the Step 2 Retro Diner pictured.  It is a big hit, the kids can take turns serving each other and pretend cooking.

Today marked the second traditional Daddy Christmas meal.  Luckily, this year I had some help with the ham from Honey Baked Hams .  Just a little word of advise, let them do it, they are really good at it.  I fixed yams, green beans, corn, and rolls to go along with it.  Char fixed a pecan pie and cookies last night for the feast today.  Everything was delicious.  So what makes holiday cooking better? Real butter, cream, and sugar!  During the holidays everyone has a free pass to forgetchrist_cooking1 about what the health nuts say, no chemical substituted flavor.  Granted we are finding out more and more that the natural stuff is still better for you in the long run anyway.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.


3 responses to “Christmas Cooking

  1. It sounds like you all had a really wonderful Christmas!

  2. Sounds great, I wish we were there to enjoy everything! Including your cooking.

  3. Christmas dinner sounds amazing! I also like the tradition of daddy cooking dinner. Now to nudge it into Ben’s head!

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