Lost Pages

Video Mistakes – A lost YouTube Tuesday

Things have settled a little our household with the exception of Ava getting completely comfortable with her “new room”  and “new bed.”  I know we are a little behind on the YouTube Tuesdays. For some reason I took all these with the camera turned 90 degrees to get more of the kids in the frame.  Unfortunately, there was no way to rotate the frame.  I am still trying…  The first is of Binh playing with the shape sorter.  He really loves it even though he still has not put the color / shape relationship together.  He is growing before our eyes and learning more every day.  His heart is growing the fastest and that increases the reward of being his dad.


The second video is of Ava singing a song to her frog.  Just before I could pick up the camera she handed me her frog and said, “sing frog song.”  I had no idea what she was talking about but managed to catch her in a little video.


One last one is of Binh climbing.


I would be happy to hear of any easy ways to rotate these…


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