Youtube Tuesday- Dancing with the Binh

Sorry it has been so long… again.  Last week I had to learn about “translating” a ship on land.  To explain, clearly we must start building ships on dry land but once they are between 70 and 75% complete we must float them to continue.  This is primarily so the major sea water systems (A/C, fire pumps, radar cooling skids) and propulsion systems can be tested similar to the way they will be operated.  A 75% complete ship looks close to a completed ship on the outside and weighs about 6700 long tons.  I will try to post some pics of this later in the week with some float off pictures.  In short, we translate (or roll) the ship on rails using about 75 little cars onto a sinking dock.  Then we incrementally sink the dock to float the ship.  As you can imagine there are many steps to this process and this is my first rodeo so I am learning a great deal. 

Char and the kids were watching Dancing with the Stars for the first time while I was gone to DC and found out that Binh really loves the show.  So tonight I tried to get a little video of him watching a routine.  From what I understand he was not as in to it as he was in previous weeks but you can get the picture.  BTW:  the fall at the end looks worse than it was.  


One response to “Youtube Tuesday- Dancing with the Binh

  1. Binh Astaire, but thank goodness for the hard head!

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