Where’s Binh?

I was in DC the first part of the week getting “connected.”  Most naval engineering concepts and solutions come out of Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington.  It was eye opening to see where all those folks worked and hear about the issues they deal with.  Contrary what one might think, there are a great deal of very talented people working very hard there.

Just before heading to DC, the family met up with some close friends and hit the outlet malls.  Our friends have a daughter close in age to our kids.  Usually the dads would watch the kids while moms hit the girly stores and vice versa.  Well, we were in Old Navy and it was my time to watch the kids and my heart sank!  Were did Binh go?  I started to go into search and rescue mode, performing an expanding square but initially did not see him.  However, I did see a group of kids near the changing room so I moved in that direction…  Ahh… Not only was I happy to see Binh but I was happy to see what he was doing…  hangin with the ladies!

binh_n_ladies At the end of the day we all had good fun.  Did manage to get some good video so I will post a Youtube Tuesday next week.


5 responses to “Where’s Binh?

  1. Hmm..likes older ladies, too, I suspect. They must be at least 4 or 5.
    Is it a coincidence that he is in the swimsuit section..?

  2. Izzie told me later that she was “totally jealous.” She thought he only had eyes for her!!

  3. Binh “thePlayer”
    Jordan and Taylor would sneak off and hide in the racks, even though they knew better. So what I would do is let them sneak away and then hide myself keeping my eye on them but they couldn’t see me. To see their eyes in a panic when they realized you weren’t there anymore, soon fixed the problem.

  4. Binh was just window shopping, Izzie is still his girl…

  5. Good to know!! I’ll pass the word…

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