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A Child’s Honesty and Comedy

Ava has developed a pretty good command of the English language and can articulate what she means most of the time.  At the same time, she also has started to make judgements about her environment.  This combination has resulted in what I might call “absolute honesty.”  I learned in a comical way that child-like honesty can be a two edged sword. 

Ava said that she needed to potty so she and I made the trip to the kid’s bathroom (“the monkey bathroom” ).  I popped her up on the potty and began to wait with her.  She began to push on my nose and rather hard.  It felt like she was trying to push it back into my face.  Finally I said, “Ava, what are you doing?”  She got a serious look and said “I want you to be pretty!”  But hey, at least I honestly know how she feels about dad’s honker.

ava_a_emailLast night Ava made us laugh again.  Just before leaving work I checked my favorite web page and noticed that the Dow had dropped another 250 points or so.  I came home and Char had dinner ready so the family was all seated at the table.  Just after we started eating I mentioned the fact that the Dow had dropped again.  And Ava responded “drop it like its hot daddy!”  I’m not sure if she meant it was time to drop our mutual funds like they were hot or if she simply was making a joke.  Those that know us well know that she is familiar with a Snoop Dogg song by a similar name.  Does the fact that my daughter knows a song by Snoop make me a bad father?  Regardless, I still need a nose job.


Child Telepathy

Binh is starting to talk a little more these days, but for a while he would try to communicate and we, or maybe I should say I, could nota-2figure out what he was trying to say.  One day Binh came storming into the the living room and began grunting and torquing a shoulder.  I had no idea what he was trying to say but Ava soon came into the room and without being prompted said, ” Binh wants some apple juice.”   Now Binh has always understood a large number of word so I then asked him if he wanted a drink of apple juice.  After asking he immediately ran to the refrigerator and began pulling on the door.  Turns out that was exactly what he wanted.  Initially I thought this little episode was coincidental.  However, this happened a number of times over the next couple of days about different things.  I was forced to consider the fact that Ava could actually be reading some other body language or perhaps… his mind!

Its pretty cool that after a considerably short time Binh and Ava are so in tune with one another.  I now know that if Binh is fussing I can simply ask Ava what he wants if I am having trouble understanding him and chances are she knows.  This transcends external factors and is just simply about brother and sister.