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Youtube Tuesday- Dancing with the Binh

Sorry it has been so long… again.  Last week I had to learn about “translating” a ship on land.  To explain, clearly we must start building ships on dry land but once they are between 70 and 75% complete we must float them to continue.  This is primarily so the major sea water systems (A/C, fire pumps, radar cooling skids) and propulsion systems can be tested similar to the way they will be operated.  A 75% complete ship looks close to a completed ship on the outside and weighs about 6700 long tons.  I will try to post some pics of this later in the week with some float off pictures.  In short, we translate (or roll) the ship on rails using about 75 little cars onto a sinking dock.  Then we incrementally sink the dock to float the ship.  As you can imagine there are many steps to this process and this is my first rodeo so I am learning a great deal. 

Char and the kids were watching Dancing with the Stars for the first time while I was gone to DC and found out that Binh really loves the show.  So tonight I tried to get a little video of him watching a routine.  From what I understand he was not as in to it as he was in previous weeks but you can get the picture.  BTW:  the fall at the end looks worse than it was.  


A Child’s Honesty and Comedy

Ava has developed a pretty good command of the English language and can articulate what she means most of the time.  At the same time, she also has started to make judgements about her environment.  This combination has resulted in what I might call “absolute honesty.”  I learned in a comical way that child-like honesty can be a two edged sword. 

Ava said that she needed to potty so she and I made the trip to the kid’s bathroom (“the monkey bathroom” ).  I popped her up on the potty and began to wait with her.  She began to push on my nose and rather hard.  It felt like she was trying to push it back into my face.  Finally I said, “Ava, what are you doing?”  She got a serious look and said “I want you to be pretty!”  But hey, at least I honestly know how she feels about dad’s honker.

ava_a_emailLast night Ava made us laugh again.  Just before leaving work I checked my favorite web page and noticed that the Dow had dropped another 250 points or so.  I came home and Char had dinner ready so the family was all seated at the table.  Just after we started eating I mentioned the fact that the Dow had dropped again.  And Ava responded “drop it like its hot daddy!”  I’m not sure if she meant it was time to drop our mutual funds like they were hot or if she simply was making a joke.  Those that know us well know that she is familiar with a Snoop Dogg song by a similar name.  Does the fact that my daughter knows a song by Snoop make me a bad father?  Regardless, I still need a nose job.

Busy and Growing

It’s been busy at work.  At least twice a year, each ship program undergoes a review during which the program managers provide the contractor feedback on how they see things.  Half of those reviews usually involve monetary adjustments reflecting the contractors fulfillment of the contract.  Next week is one such review so everyone is busy preparing to defend their positions.  Everyone in shipbuilding is trying to get better and sometimes adjustments are painful but in the end will produce savings.


Meanwhile, Ava and Binh have been growing.  As you may have read on Metaphase, Binh is now on the growth chart.  At last measurement he was in the 5th percentile.  After that milestone I began measuring him using a yardstick and making marks with dates.  We measured him in early December and then again about 25 days later and he had grown a hair over half an inch.  He has gone from 2 teeth in April to a full mouth now.  We are pretty exited about that. 


Ava’s imagination is really growing.  She makes up big stories with incredible detail.  She makes up new names for her dolls and parents depending on her mood.  For example, if she calls Char “Mini” then you must respond, “Yes, Daisy.”  I think that is because in a cartoon over Christmas, Mini and Daisy are ice skaters and Daisy is wearing a crown.  Of course, Ava must be the one that wears the crown.  She may pretend to be Larry of veggie tales by calling you Bob or  call you baby meaning she is the mommy.  Gotta stay on your toes around her.  Don’t make a mistake!  She is not shy getting you straightened out.  Her new big words of the week are hillarious, connected and painful.  

Most of all the pictures we have been taking around here have been with Char’s new camera.  I think she has a great eye for photography.  I am pretty exited about what having a new camera will do for both capturing our special moments and some of the macro photography she is working on.  I will post some pics next go around.

This Single Asian Male – Things you may not know about me

One of the coolest aspects of parenting is watching your kids develop preferences.  I have no idea why Binh has developed his specific set of likes and dislikes but they are his.  I’m pretty sure we did not directly influence most of them.  Below is a list of interesting things you may not know about Binh as we suspect he would write:

Favorite Foods:  Grapes, Chips & Salsa (spicy like me please), and really everything else but black eyed peas

Favorite Restaurant:  Golden Corral (Management worries when I come in, they are about to loose money…  mostly because they didn’t charge in the first place)

Favorite outdoor activities:  long walks on the beach, swinging, collecting acorns (For the record, I’m not involved in any voter fraud efforts)

Favorite indoor activities:  Reading, surfing the Internet, playing in the toilet, trying on all the shoes by the door

Favorite clothing item:  Shoes (Girls and Guys)

Favorite TV show:  Not a TV watcher really, Sesame Street has never been the same since the writer’s strike

Favorite drink: Vanilla Soy Milk and straight fruit punch (Please don’t cut it)

Favorite Toy:  Anything with buttons, Fisher Price Doctor kit, or whatever my sister has

Given the choice of Email, Phone, Text, or in person:  Phone with txt close behind

First word: Up

First Sign: more, more, more, more, more, more…

Tattoos or Body Piercings – none

Current haircut:  Mohawk

Describes myself as:  sensitive and expressive but independent.  I do get on the computer from time to time so feel free to post direct questions in the comments.

Kids say funny things

We have been looking for a church and tried our second today.  We have not been taking Binh and Ava to the nursery because we felt it might be too traumatic.  Bouncing them around from one set of strangers and strange environment to another each Sunday might take some undoing once we actually find the right place.  You can imagine the challenge that managing a 1 year old and a very talkative 2 year old in a congregation might be.  Well, Binh started squirming and kicking so Char took him out at about the halfway point.  About 10 minutes later, Ava is starting to become more difficult.  She just wants to talk and can’t really understand why the big guy with a microphone can talk and she can’t.  I told her to be quiet about once every 2 minutes.  We were sitting in the back of the sanctuary so that when we did have to escort the kids out, it didn’t annoy as many.  We were sitting in a sea of white heads and hats.  I guess there were hearing assistance terminals back there or something.  Needless to say, I did not get the feeling that Ava’s periodic chatter was well received by those already straining to hear without interference.  So now for the straw that forced us to leave; Ava farted.  Not just a little one but one that resonated the pew cushion, which was followed by a gleeful and proud, “I farted!”  No one laughed but me (understandably, it went over like a fart in church).  How do you not laugh at that?

Youtube Tuesday – Talking to Tutu

Monday afternoon I was watching Ava while Char cooked dinner.  Ava picked up Char’s cell, handed it to me, and said “Tutu, Tutu.”  Aside: Tutu is what Ava calls Char’s mom, it’s the Hawaiian word for grandmother.  I asked if she wanted to call Tutu, not really considering she would give a serious response.  She looked right at me and said, “yeah!”  So… I called Tutu.  When she got on the phone I explained what happened and she agreed to ‘talk.’  This call ended up nearly putting us over on minutes…  The clip below is just a small segment of the conversation.  Clearly, Tutu was doing much of the talking but Ava was engaged and seems to understand what was going on.  To my knowledge, this is her first real phone conversation.  A couple of alarming things emerge.  After looking at this video we wondered, Is this how we look when we are on the phone?  Maybe Char does…  At least now we know who to hand the phone to when telemarketers call.  


Youtube Tuesday – Personality

ITS….  YOUTUBE TUESDAY!!!!  I feel this week has revealed more clues to Ava’s personality.  For instance, Ava loves to swing at the park.  At 19 months, she is already demanding to go higher, and higher.  I remember swinging as a kid and throwing my head back.  It felt really wierd and made me dizzy.  However, this is Ava’s preferred swinging position.  She also loves to play hide and seek with one of her stuffed animals being the seeker.  The funny part is that she insist on “helping you” and switching hiding spots.  For instance, if she hides in the living room behind the chair and you say, “I think I will look behind the couch.”  She will respond with a little, “yea!”  Sometimes she will repeat, “Ava where are you?”  Char caught Ava and I playing hide and seek in her room and it won the changingthepast token Youtube Tuesday video of the week.  She is so much fun to play with.  Its only getting better.