So mad I could laugh

A couple of days cago Char was gone with a friend so it was just the kids and I.  We were back in Binh’s room playing on the floor having a good time.  Then all the sudden… Wham!!!  Something hit me in the head so hard I didn’t know where I was for a minute.  The only thing that cued me in to what happened was the fact that the toy that struck me was a battery powered Curious George and was laughing.  Well, I had been playing with Binh so I turned an grabbed Ava by the arms and said No! you don’t throw toys!  That hurts people, blah, blah, blah.  Well the whole time she was making faces similar to the one in the picture below.  She would methodically go from the “Oh” face to the “who0s” to the “Eek.” dsc_0474 As I really tried to drive home the point that you should never throw things at people I realized that she was just being silly.  It became harder and harder to keep a straight face.  Finally, I gave up and just laughed.  Wow, that hurt.  I can appreciate her skill for getting out of trouble.


5 responses to “So mad I could laugh

  1. I’ve seen that look before but it was a young boy who was using it at the time 🙂

  2. clever. One day she will use them same tactics to get out of tickets and it won’t be so bad. 🙂

  3. I’m just glad someone tried to knock some sense into that hard head! I just figured it would always be my Sis doing it!

  4. … been there – and I’m not even a dad!

    lovely blue eyes on your growing baby. Say, I saw a scene I’d never seen before today:
    I listened to 1000 firecrackers going off at my lunch today, right outside the window. And little Vietnamese guys danced around whilst they exploded – one with a gorilla mask and a broom handle, shooting around, the others in colorful dragon-snake attire, bent over, flapping its jaw, bounding up and down in the sparks and paper flying to the deafening roar. Another guy with a drum on the other side of the parking lot, beat out a steady rhythm.

    happy Chinese new year, celebrated by the many Vietnamese communities just outside New Orleans proper.

  5. Mike, I am exited that y0u were able to watch a Vietnamese Tet festival (Vietnamese new year celebration). We actually found one near here and took Binh. Everyone had a great time.

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