In order to determine how well we are doing under President Obama we must have a reference of where we were on 19 January.  We were at roughly 7.2% unemployment,  oil was selling at about $40, interest rates are in the 5s, and we have been relatively safe from terrorism for the last 4 years (duration chosen to coincide with presidential term).

bigThe pic is a snapshot of the dow over a period around the inauguration.  The DJIA was around 8275 or so just before the opening bell on the 20th of January.  There is no time to mention every metric one could find to mark the state of the union but you get the picture.  We must know where we are in order to determine if we are doing better or worse in the future.

Just out of curiosity, do you know anything about the first actions of our new executive?  You can read a little about two of them here.  When you actually drill down into each of the orders and memorandum he signed, it does not appear they actually direct immediate change but do signal to others, both in and outside our boarders, where he would like to go with respect to  Guantanamo Bay and abortion.  He also instituted new limits on lobbyists and froze the salaries of some aides and attempted to improve transparency in government.  More words than anything with real teeth at this point.


4 responses to “Reference

  1. These are great ideas for measuring success. Of course, so many people have already gotten out of the market because they fear what he will do that the Dow is totally tanked right now.

    We need to watch the interest rates as he enacts his proposed inflationary measures, the unemployment, the terrorism, etc. All the things you say.

    Thanks for posting this snapshot.

  2. What do you think is going to happen with all those terrorist at Guantanamo? Will they just go free or sent back to their own country? I do not feel safe at all if they come into our country.

  3. scary, truthful stuff. Interesting how you don’t hear any of this in the media though. Very interesting indeed!

  4. The Gitmo stuff is a little disturbing simply because the administration made a decision without articulating the end game. I don’t understand what kind of message we are sending when we say, “close Gitmo in 12 months,” but do not define what we intend to do with those there now and in the trial process. I hope it is more than simply a lack of planning.

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