Happy New Year – Now lets turn some things around

Last year was a rough one and this year is loaded with tough decisions for our legislators.  One thing is for certain, they must do better than last year.  I read an editorial a couple of weeks ago complaining that congress did little more than rename a bunch of post offices.  Just out of curiosity I decided to go to Thomas and search all bills passed by the 110th congress to find out just how much real work was done.  The first thing I learned is that they passed less legislation than those before and of the bills passed in 2008, very few actually made a difference.   I find it a little hypocritical that Congress would spend so much time grandstanding and complaining about CEO bonuses then turn around and vote themselves a raise.  A raise for what I ask?  For passing less legislation, less relevant legislation, spending less time in DC?  All while their constituents are loosing jobs or taking pay cuts.   If congress were held to the same standards they attempt to hold “big business” to would they get a raise?  One would expect that considering the country is still at war and in an economic crisis that they would be a little busier.  From what I remember, of the 350 bills or so that made it into law, over 150 were naming buildings, streets or waterways, over 50 were fixing minor technical problems with prior bills, and 20 had to do with minting special coins.  I could only find 50 or so that actually made a difference to a significant number of people.  If you added up all the congressional salaries our tax dollars pay and divide that by the number of real bills passed you will get a representation cost per bill.  In order to get an actual number you would have to make a number of assumptions that we may or may not agree upon.  Regardless, I’ll bet you that a CEO of a major corporation and the board of directors would be fired for similar performance.  Well, there is a bi-annual review coming up in less than 2 years, hope they turn things around.


5 responses to “Happy New Year – Now lets turn some things around

  1. Congressmen should subjected to ‘impeachment’ procedures by the ones who voted on him (her) … and frankly speaking, corrupt congressmen, politicians and public servants should be subjected to a death sentence …

  2. You really didn’t expect them to do anything did you? First it was an election year, mustn’t do anything that would actually impact the folks back home. Second Congress won’t take a hard stand on anything for fear that they might actually be forced to take responsibility for their actions. Third and last why do anything when the voters aren’t paying attention in the first place.
    Where are the congresmen and women of the past who actually cared about their people and their country? In the past with the with the folks that cared about this country. You cannot elect those who will actually do what they are elected to do until you find people who care and are willing to stand for election and an electorate who cares enough to support their election.
    Such people are out there but cannot be heard because no one is listening.

  3. Then don’t vote yourself a raise.

  4. How many of us has the option of giving ourselves a raise? And if I did, I would be making the money of a Naval Officer…but the majority of us don’t. It crack me up when in front of the CEOs they ask how many flew in on a private jet, and how could they, seeing that their companies were going broke. I agree, but how hypocritical of them, seeing that our Nation is in just as bad shape financially and yet they give themselves a raise and don’t hold themselves responsible…what a joke!
    But yet the political ignorance in this Country keeps voting them back in.

    Keep Preaching, maybe someone will start listening!

  5. this idea, “If you added up all the congressional salaries our tax dollars pay and divide that by the number of real bills passed you will get a representation cost per bill.” – is so funny / true. apt and pointed gallows humor. but I wonder what percentage of bills we might be glad they didn’t pass because of calls from their electorate? hmmm…

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