You’re still never too busy to see Santa

Sorry it has been so long.  The last couple of weeks have been busy for all of us.  At work the crew is moving aboard their new ship.  That time period is always a little hairy.  While the ship is new, it still must be aligned and tailored for the new crew.  It is not uncommon to find small piping leaks, incomplete connections, and equipment that does not operate as expected.  One of my jobs is to look at the issues that arise and determine how to correct the problems, no matter how big or small.  Many times the responsibility for a specific issue is not well defined and requires a compromise between the shipbuilder, the Navy shipbuilding oversight (contract manager), and the crew.  I help shape that compromise using technical details and balancing cost, schedule, and quality. 

At home we have been hanging the Christmas lights and making sure the children have a good first Christmas together. bg_christmas1 Binh may not understand it right away but Ava surely will.  Last night we took a trip to a lighted wonderland.  What an amazing place that was.  We met up with another family and had a blast.  Ava has always been a little scared of Santa but each time we see a Santa set up for pictures we “test” Ava to see if this will be the time she is receptive.  Well, last night was it, she hopped up in Santa’s lap and asked for a soccar ball.  I guess I should also mention that we forced Ava to try once each year.  Well because Ava was receptive, this was the time we felt we should push Binh a little.  The results were expected.  bg2

He was there about 10 seconds so I hope we don’t get a psychology lecture about how bad this was.  I promise it will not happen again… until next year.  Hope you enjoy Binh and Ava’s first picture together with Santa as much as I do. 



2 responses to “You’re still never too busy to see Santa

  1. I’m not sure if Binh isn’t right, Santa is looking a little evil! But after all, this is the same guy that takes credit for all the good gifts given at Christmas time and hasn’t worked a single hour to pay for them. Ho, Ho, Ho my butt, let him have it Binh! I’m sure Ava has your back!

    Lov’um both Uncle Ryan

  2. LOVE this picture. Santa does look creepy though. When I first saw the lights on your post I thought it was your house. I was thinking…. Man, they serioulsy went all out this year. I LOVE looking at lights though. What a wonderful memory for your first family Christmas!

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