Office of the President Elect = ?

83577971JS001_PRESIDENT_ELEHas any past president used the phrase “Office of the President Elect?” Why would one have a podium made with such a title?  Initially, I thought that is was because major change was coming and the Obama campaign intended to use his new self-made title help prepare us for this major change.  I don’t think that is the case.  Lets take a look at some of his major cabinet picks.  We don’t have to talk about Joe Biden.  I understand, he represents the foreign policy experience, using that term loosely.  Lets look as some of the others:  Secetery of State – Hillary Clinton:  What a surprise!  Change…  maybe not.  Attorney-General: Eric Holder – Deputy AG under the Clinton administration.  HHS – Tom Daschle:  Democrat that lost Senate majority during the Clinton admin turned lobbyist with his wife (I thought he said he would not use lobbyist).  Commerce – Bill Richardson:  a UN ambassador and Energy secretary under Clinton.  Chief of Staff – Rahm Emanuel:  Bill Clinton’s political and policy aid.  Special Counsel – Greg Craig:  Assistant and special council to Bill Clinton…  This “Change” sure looks familiar.  I guess when you lack DC experience, you go with what you have. 

As I’ve said before, the best indication of future performance is past performance and that goes for his cabinet as well.  Do you really think that these career politicians are capable of change?  Maybe he realizes that the country can’t afford the change he originally planned.  I would rather have Clinton experience, be it good or bad, in the White House over crooked Chicago politics any day.  It’s amazing how mum the media is with the IL governor’s Illinois Governor Profilearrest.  President-elect Barack Obama’s ties to Blagojevich run primarily through felon associate Tony Rezko.  Rezko served as a political mentor and financier for both Blagojevich and Obama, helping both to rise in Chicago and Illinois politics. Obama himself has credited Rezko with helping to his political career. 

Instead of looking at the links between people associated with the selling of a US Senate seat we will focus on labeling Blagojevich as “insane” in order to discredit any incrimination that would follow.  This is starting to look like change alright, change for the worse and he doesn’t even have a title with teeth yet.


2 responses to “Office of the President Elect = ?

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  2. I couldn’t agree more, but then anyone like yourself that has kept up with politics and government closely, knew this from the beginning. There’s not a lot of good that comes out of the Illinois (Chicago) government. And thanks for the investigating and searching for truth, I only wish more would do so.
    Hang in there, and someday we’ll see the true America revived.

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