Dads and Christmas

Do you ever think back to your best Christmas memories and recall what made them so special?  My mother’s home-made candy was pretty high on the list along with Christmas morning.  While we may not have had much through the year, my parents rarely skimped on Christmas presents.  Now that Ava is at the age where she is starting to understand the idea of Christmas (both Christ birth and Santa), it is important to step up to the plate and christmas_dec_31do the dad stuff. 

We absolutely had to get a tree this year.  We have been using a tree Char’s parents gave us for the last 5 years.  We have higher ceilings so we got a tall pre-lit tree.  We decorated it together as a family, good fun.  The kids love Christmas lights, on the tree and on houses.  I decided to piece together enough lights to minimally cover the roof perimeter in stead of paying $10+ for 35 ft worth.  We will take advantage of the end of Christmas sales to christmas_dec_1get some new lights.  

I know there are some families out there that wait until December 31st to celebrate Christmas just so they can get gifts at 50 – 75% off presents.  Pretty good idea except for the fact everyone gets stuff that was returned or not all it was cracked up to be.

Dads set their children’s expectations and begin providing their reference for their Christmas traditions.  That is a real motivator for me.  Hopefully, their faces on Christmas day will be as well.


One response to “Dads and Christmas

  1. i like your last paragraph Ash about dad’s setting their children’s expectations etc,.. maybe we’ll see you in a suit and beard up on the rooftop with reindeer next year? 🙂

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