Thanksgiving and Southern Hospitality

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  A little bittersweet in a way.  Thanksgiving is the day that many on my side of the family choose to get together but I was not able to make the trip due other obligations.  A couple turkey_deepfried_1of weeks prior a friend that I work with invited us over for Thanksgiving and we accepted.  This was the same person that gave the kids their first pony ride which can be seen here.  This lady, I will call Ms. K, opened her home to four families and a couple of straggling teenagers.  Char, the kids, and I all had our first experience with fried turkey.  Actually, somehow I ended up being the fry daddy.  It’s really not hard at all and only took an hour to cook a 13.5lb turkey.  It was not greasy or heavy.  Ms. K marinaded it so it had a great flavor throughout.  The picture is not of ours but it looked about like this when we finished.  We all had a great time with the animals. tday_ava All of Ms. K’s animals are so well socialized.  All the kids got pony rides and had the time of their lives.  A big thanks to Ms. K!


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