The “stay-at-home Mom”

The stay at home mom has to be the least appreciated role in society.  I find myself in a distinctly unique position to  observe just how amazing an impact my wife has on both our children.  Watching Char mother our first child Ava (biological), I could only see half the impact, the explicit piece if you will.  Ava grew and blossomed so fast and her heart grew just as fast as the rest of her.  She is such a blessing.  We have had friends in the past say things like, “You guys are so lucky to have a good natured child.” or “She’s so easy, wait until you have a boy.”  Well, we have a little boy now and that is were Char’s gifts come into focus.  We got Binh just about the time he turned one.  He lived most of that year without a mother in the harsh environment of an orphanage.  Needless to say, our first days, weeks, and months were difficult.  But today his personality shines and his heart is proportional to Ava’s.  It is simply amazing.  With Binh I sawbob-n-mom child start nearly from scratch and grow so rapidly before my eyes.  I don’t think I buy the good nature stuff so much.  When we got Binh he was not easy but today he is such a blessing and I owe it all to mom. 

Thanks baby, you are the best!  We are so  blessed.


One response to “The “stay-at-home Mom”

  1. nice ode, Ash. Look forward to meeting Binh sometime. (i’ve got room here if you guys ever want to see NOLA!)

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