Youtube Tuesday – Bathtime Fun

As you may have read on Char’s blog, she spends her Saturdays at a GRE prep class.  It is more for practice than anything else, she is going to smoke the GRE.  One of the things the kids and I do is take a bath before she gets home.  A typical bath involves colored water, boats, bowls, spoons, and foam letters and numbers. 

I have learned that kids learn best when having fun.  Ava began picking up on letters a while back during story time.  We began playing a game with the letters and numbers at bath time.  I would slap the letters or number on the side of the bathtub hard enough for them to stick and ask Ava what the posted alphanumeric  was.  If she answered it right, I made a big deal of it and threw it in the air like a crazy person.  If she could not get it, she would ask me what it was and we would learn the letter and revisit it later.  I just happened to be videoing this particular time when she began joking with me about the letter “J.”  She, not wanting to show she did not know this particular letter, spontaneously decided to call it “ouwie.”  She took me by surprise with this one but as we went over the letters again she continued to call the letter J an ouwie.  She still calls it ouwie today.  What a sense of humor.  



3 responses to “Youtube Tuesday – Bathtime Fun

  1. Excuse me….. Char is taking the GRE or Ava?

  2. SOOO smart!! Wow! I think you have some future MIT grads on your hands!! Ava and Izzie can room together 🙂

    Binh and BBJ3 can get a place too!

  3. That sounds like a plan! That way we can meet as families in Boston during summer break and hit a Red Sox game!

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