The Chosen One’s Promises

Well its done.  This next four years is probably going to remind me of a line out of Top Gun, “your mouth is writing checks your body cant cash.”  I guess in this case it might be more like the Treasury can’t cash.  Ibo_i have accepted the fact and ready to make adjustments in long term planning.  For example, investing in indexed mutual funds might be a good idea.  Its looking like you will be able to buy low in the immediate future.  There are a couple of promises that I will be keeping a close eye on.  The first is my next promised tax cut.  BO said it would be better than the year before; we shall see.  The second is his promise to pull out of Iraq, as that will have a direct impact on my family. 

Now that the Dems are in charge of the executive and legislative branches, there should be no reason they cannot get anything done.  Regardless of what many want, they know better.  Lets see how responsible they are with our money. 

In the next 4 weeks Obama will get an unimaginably sobering intelligence briefing.  If he is smart he will surround himself with experienced level-headed wise men to help him make the right decisions and adjust some of his less educated positions.  I love my country and wish for the best.  Pray for our new leaders.  They are going to need it.


3 responses to “The Chosen One’s Promises

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  3. I hear what you’re saying about spending and Iraq. No doubt McCain does to – but he sure didn’t articulate it well on the trail. And if he can’t say what needs said to a very receptive and eager audience, one wonders how it would be in a position that – as our current prez has found – makes change easier through grand, ill-thought through pronouncements than sober debate and negotiation. Unfortunately for a war-hero and proven individual of character – he’d be, with Congress’ current make-up, a lame-duck, at best. Not to mention, he’s like a man without a party: Republican’s are pro-business and against Wall Street; they’re (now) the government by Washington and not the people and yet against Washington and all its insiders; and in the information, multi-tasking age they’re against earmarks, regardless of merits, and against media.
    Obama at least has vision and clarity. And, Scripture says: ‘where there is no vision the people perish.’ And honestly? I think in this election his policies and his person are less consequential than what he represents by his minority status. The significance it bodes for good on blacks, especially urban, is the real untold story. To bring them into the democratic fold is absolutely a positive boon historically, even redemptively, and so quite likely economically, eventually.
    I wasn’t a big Obama fan going into this but it’s Tremendously moving to see the last put first. Now Lord, grant us all wisdom…

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