This is the first year that Ava really got a holiday.  She talked about dressing up the entire week leading up to Halloween.  We carved pumpkins and talked about them becoming Jack-O-lanterns.  We went to a couple of Church events the day before and day of.  The kids are always attracted to the petting zoos.  The video below is of the kids feeding a donkey and goat.


Char worked so hard on Binh’s costume and, with the help of a great friend Leanne, it turned out perfect.  As you know the kids are in love with Veggie Tales so Ava and Binh went as Larry the cucumber and Bob the tomato respectively.  The kids are actually watching the Ester Veggie Tale as I write and Ava is singing along with it.  


On our way out we stopped by the firetruck and Ava got to get into the driver’s seat.  Wow, I would have given all my Hot Wheels cars to sit up there.  The world must just be a friendlier place.


2 responses to “Halloween

  1. These pictures are too cute! Nice job on the costumes! I bet they were a hit!

    Nicely done to whomever carved the very artsy pumpkin… I am impressed.

  2. I miss these kids so much, and what great costumes. I wish we were closer to enjoy these moments, but maybe someday soon. Squeeze the tomato and cucumber for me.

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