Our Forefathers Voting Priorities and Vision

Have you ever wondered why we vote on the first Tuesday in November?  Our current Presidential Election Day was established by Congress in 1845 to support those who owned and worked land and acknowledges Judeo-Christian needs.  Back in the mid 1800s, farmers were a much larger percentage of voters, and November meant harvest season was over.  Tuesday was picked because in the 19thcentury people didn’t have cars. They traveled much further to vote. With church on Sunday, many could not get to voting places by Monday. 

Congress’ choice and the reasoning behind their choice hints toward what the majority felt were important back in those days.  First, the fact that early November was chosen seems to indicate that votes cast by land owners and land workers were important.  I would argue that today that might equate to small business owners and those who help lead and manage the businesses that drive our economy.  Second, a Sunday Sabbath was acknowledged and respected.  I’m not sure that either of these priorities are held by our current Congress. 

Why have we failed to update our Presidential election day?  How many hard working Americans have a problem voting on a Tuesday during business hours, during dinner or our children’s bed time?  Why not move it to Saturday?  I am not claiming a conspiracy theory here but just making the point.  At one time Congress used their heads to help those who pay the taxes and trust in a God vote.  Why have they failed to change?  I would argue that it is either because they have forgotten, lack vision, or would rather not for some reason.  You be the judge.


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