Swing Captains

Remember way back when you were a kid, as early as you can remember.  There were those special summer nights that you never forget.  I remember a night when I went with my aunts and cousins to spend the night at lake DeQueen.  I couldn’t swim yet, just dog paddle a little but I was treading out over my head and getting brave.  I remember that special feeling, like the night would never end.  I think I played my first game of Marco Polo that night as well.  You never really plan the details and that helps make it special.  As I got older those special nights came more seldom.  However, I learned tonight that you can have those special summer nights as a father, sharing them with your children.  Char had to pick up groceries so it was just the kids and I outside in the back yard.  I had opened some mail earlier later decided to place the opened envelops on the kids heads.  The goal was that they would get pushed higher and higher until the “swing captain” hat flew off and then they got tickled until they decided they wanted to be the swing captain again.  I did not really think of taking a picture until the end of the night so the kids are on the tired side at this point but we all had such great fun.  Tonight was one of those special nights for all of us.  What a joy to share it together.  


One response to “Swing Captains

  1. Is that the copilot with a pacifier or a new gps system in his mouth. Remember these moments, they’ll take flight early enough.

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