Youtube Tuesday – Family Planning

 Char and I have planned most of the major events in our lives.  We spent our first years of marriage having fun overseas, traveling to wherever the Navy sent us.  After about four years our parents would subtly ask about our plans for having children.  After about seven years they were not so subtle and soon after figured that we may have decided not to have children at all.  We always planned to have children but wanted to have our fun first.  We knew that we would have more than one and that one of every two would be adopted.  We felt that if they were close in age they would play together and learn from each other.  However, we never expected for our first two to be as close at this…  Regardless of how much you plan, there will always be those things that you can’t control.  Binh and Ava are learning from each other but not exactly how we expected.  Binh has suddenly began learning a couple of new words and behaviors.  The most recent and significant word is “Mine” and the behavior is… well you should just watch the short video: 

Like a pack of wild animals, they will work out the order of things and settle down eventually… won’t they?


2 responses to “Youtube Tuesday – Family Planning

  1. Priceless! I love it!

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