Attacking Sarah Palin

The blog world has changed considerably in the last couple of days.  The political blogging pages have went from accusing McCain of being old and making fun of him not knowing how many homes he has to shedding flesh.  I have never read so many attacks on one person anywhere but then again that is the power of the Internet and blog world.  You can find claims of an affair in Wasilla, kick backs from oil deals, racial slurs against Obama, and so on.  Most reference unnamed sources.  Not that I think anyone who matters would actually take these attacks seriously but it is the sweeping level of coordination that is alarming.  On the lower end of the spectrum, some “neighbor of Sarah” emerges with a blog that says alot of things that are not substantiated, cannot be substantiated, half truths, or simply an opinion.  On the severe end of the spectrum there is talk of her using racial slurs and her using her position to corruptly serve herself.  These are all from second hand sources that do not want to be named.  I decided to read every piece of legitimate source material from these articles and use any supportable facts from the articles to find an indication of character, which is what really matters, right? This is what I found: 

1- She lowered her salary

2- Her City grew (which could reasonably explain the need for additional tax revenue supporting infrastructure)

3- Her popularity was sustained at a high level

4- She cut ALL property taxes, not just ones for “big business” as suggested by some

5-  She sent out $1200 checks to Alaskans when the oil / gas money started rolling in

6- She kept her campaign promises 

I did not find one supportable fact that would lead me to believe that Sarah is not who she says she is.  She accomplished all this while still participating in life, raising a family and dealing with the challenges that go along with it.  One must then wonder why so many want to cut her down, smear her record by telling half truths and labeling her as heartless…  No wonder it is so hard to find good people in politics regardless of which side of the isle your constituents would want you to sit.  


2 responses to “Attacking Sarah Palin

  1. Well-stated! Senator McCain has succeeded in shaking things up for the home stretch & the Obamanistas are running scared. Palin seems to be the “real deal” & seems too tough to let these types of attacks get to her – in fact, she’s probably even better when they make her mad.

  2. I like what she stands for, and for what she has accomplished in her short political career. I do wish she would have a few more years of experience, but she has done more in a few years than other politician have done in 10-20 years of office.

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