Analog vs. Digital

I have been trying to catch up on my blog reading today and found such a political charge.  Unfortunately, politics are often a grand entanglement that rarely gets one very far with respect to things that matter.  All you can do is establish a method for making decisions, make them and refine your process based on prior results.  I am reminded of the old saying, “[in the end] we get the politicians we deserve.”  If the majority is misinformed then the majority suffers.  Perhaps we will learn a lesson until history must repeat itself…

Couric slimmed for CBSThe public service announcements reminding us that soon all broadcast will be in digital format are becoming more frequent.  Analog is considered more pure and is very difficult to manipulate.  Consider the analogy of an analog camera (one that uses film) vs. the ever so popular digital cameras.  A digital image is very easy to manipulate.  We have already seen the results of altered images in the mass media.  Some of these are not so important like Katie Couric’s weight loss.  However, some have been used to shape public opinion like the photo of a British soldier which was manipulated to make him look as if he was being overly aggressive.  This photo was admittedly manipulated by Walski and published in the LA Times before being synicated.   Digital TV broadcast simply means that more of what you see will most like be altered in some way.  Usually the alteration will be benign or cosmetic in nature but one must ask, can I actually trust what I am seeing?


One response to “Analog vs. Digital

  1. Woah! I didn’t think through that implication! Thanks for pointing it out. Pretty serious stuff.

    No more TV for me…oh wait…i don’t really watch much TV as it is. 😉

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