YouTube Tuesday – Time for Veggie Tales

Like most kids, ours go through favorite character phases.  First came Curious George and Caillou with a little Bob the Builder thrown in.  There was a brief stint with Handy Manny but Veggie Tales has dominated for the last 2 months.  A great friend back in Massachusetts gave us 10 – 15 Veggie Tales videos and the kids have not stopped watching them since.  Both kids have their own special way of requesting a video.  Ava simply says, “Esther Veggie Tales please.”  Binh goes over to the basket with the kid videos and grabs the first green VHS he sees and grunts until you load one up. 

Regardless of who requests a Veggie Tales video, the theatrics from them are pretty entertaining so we decided to record them as they watched the opening theme song.  There are a couple of important notes.  First, notice how close Binh is to the TV.  We always wondered what kind of guy would sit in the first row of the movie theater. Well now we know.  He backs up a bit when the music starts to clear some room to get his groove on.  Binh is so excited he doesn’t know what to do with himself but will look over to get his cues from Ava.  Although Ava does not sing much this time, she knows most of the words.  The only part Binh knows is the last note and he always chimes in.



2 responses to “YouTube Tuesday – Time for Veggie Tales

  1. Although they are talented, and standing to close to the tv will make you shrink (note the height of Binh), they both have a long way to go reach the peak of their dads famous ROBOT dance moves. But with their talents, we are only looking at a few years before they appear on Americas Got Talent, bringing the Robot back to the spot light in Americas eyes. Go Binh, Go Ava, get your groove on.

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