We average a move about every 2 years, so it seems we are constantly packing and unpacking.  Over the last  couple of years we accumulated a number of boxes that we simply never unpacked.  In other words, bunch of stuff we did not really need any more.  We don’t have a storage unit, big basement, or storage shed like in the past so it was time to have a garage sale.  All those things that you kept telling yourself you were going to use… take it from me, you’re never actually going to use 95% of it.  That tape deck, those roller blades, or that picture without the glass in it… junk.  Junk that was taking up half our garage space.  Not really sure why but I feel this uneasiness when the garage is in disarray.  I don’t feel that way when I throw my clothes on the floor at the end of the day or leave the commode seat up but the garage is sacred for some reason.  Its a man thing I guess, perhaps its the man-nest!….  Any way!, My point is that it felt great to actually get money for that old stuff.  The first pic is of our little sale after the initial rush What I did not consider was the type of people that would show up, the questions they would ask and what they would and would not buy.  You have the old ladies that arrive really early and try to get you to open early so they can get first dibs.  Beware, these ladies will tackle you for quilts.  Next come the old men.  They usually don’t really look at what you have, they just ask you if you have X or Y.  When you tell them no they ask, “Why not?”  I’m not really sure how to answer that one.  Then come the middle aged couples.  These usually seem to be the best buyers (should be your target market in my opinion).  Get ready because they are going to Uzi you with questions about prices and deals.  But it is the middle aged singles that are most concerning. 

Here is an example question I got from this group:

  • How much for that thing up there in your garage? (clearly not part of the the sale)
  • Do you have any cell phones, what plan are you with, can I see your cell phone?
  • Guess how many wives I’ve had.
  • Did you know that Asian nail salons use Dremels to buff nails?

These represent the first questions, it goes down hill from there.  I appreciate them for helping us purge our extra stuff.  If you’re in the South, I can assure you that you will attract a colorful crowd.  The second pic is of the kids reliving good times on an old toy. 


One response to “Garagesalers

  1. LOVE the questions! Only in the South!

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