YouTube Tuesday – They’re only this big once

Yesterday I was trying to help Char straighten things up and placing Binh and Ava’s shoes on our little shoe rack by the door.  Being a little strange, I tried to arrange the shoes in an efficient pattern to preserve area for the rest of the shoes.  I ended up with the arrangement shown in the picture to the right (except that I moved the shoes to the middle to make a better picture).  I thought to myself, they will wear those little shoes about a month longer.  One can brush aside these little revelations or use them to give a little more of yourself. 

This video has two parts.  The first was taken in the confines of Ava’s dance studio.  I learned that when you have kids, it opens up a whole other society.  One part of that society is kid activity society.  There are so many kids and parents in this place and you are only seeing the third that are in view and not already in classrooms.  Ava is so excited.  She can’t wait to get in there even though she doesn’t really know what is waiting for her.  The second part is a clip of Binh doing his first zip line.  We went to an indoor play area that was awesome.  Binh is great at holding on to things and climbing so we were curious to see if he could do it and would like it.  There were older kids there that were afraid of the zip line.  For him, doing it was easy but liking it required some encouragement.  However, before the hours was over, he would zip across the room as many times as we put him up there.



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