So Much to be Thankful for

There are plenty of things to talk about and be thankful for this past week.  First, Fay has come and gone and luckily done little more than help “water-in” our fire ant granules.  I spent a lot of time moving big things around this weekend only to find that they either did not fit or didn’t look good.  We still tried to have fun doing it though. 

One benefit to having a small child (below the 50th percentile) like Binh is that the Pediatrician reminds youbutter at every visit to keep the calories up.  One way we do that is to put real butter on nearly everything we give him.  Basically that means I also get to put that same rich delicious spread on just about anything that will hold it.

I am also thankful for beat up knees.  Ava is a little clumsy at times however these cuts and scrapes are the kind you never feel because you are having too much fun at the time.  She was not even aware of these until I asked her about them.  

I am also thankful for all the laughs the kids provided this weekend.  We have some great videos to post in the coming days (Getting a little late tonight).  However, I just had to post this video tonight.  Char and I put a desk on Craigslist and had the computer open to check the sale.  Next thing we know Ava is up at the table and pushing buttons.  Char asked her what she was doing and her response was so funny I grabbed the camera and asked her again and she returned the same response.  The sobering fact of the matter is that in 5 more years I’ll be asking her to program my TiVo…  


One response to “So Much to be Thankful for

  1. Oh to be young again, fall bounce back up, fall bounce back up, now I fall and have to worry whether I broke a hip or something, and wonder if I can get back up. And tell Ava I’m sending her a email.

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