YouTube Tuesday (second Try) – Time to Eat!

Yesterday Binh started a not-so-subtle way of saying he was ready for the main course.  The first time seeing this I thought it was just luck and stood close by to ensure he did not crack his head.  However, he has now started doing it around every meal time.  Note that the height of his highchair seat is about equal to his.


He communicates very effectively through action.  If Binh wants a drink he goes and jerks on the refridgerator door, if he wants a snack he stands and yells at the top of his lungs directly at the pantry door (like it will just give way at some point). 

Another thing to notice is the fact Ava is placing “mommy bear”  in Char’s actual seat.  She has four bears that each represent a member of the family.  She brings me two or more bears and says, “Daddy bear and Ava bear talking.” Another more daddy distrubing comment she says is “Ava bear has earrings?”  Where in the world did she get that?  Perhaps mommy bear or Tutu bear?  We have started to use her bears as a way of re-enforcing things like sleeping in the big girl bed and learning to potty.


One response to “YouTube Tuesday (second Try) – Time to Eat!

  1. That is too cute! I only wish it were so cute when I crawled in my chair to signal that I am hungry. It doesn’t quite transfer to adults I guess.

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