Youtube Tuesday – Olympians

Char and I have been watching the Olympics after the we put the kids to sleep.  How awesome is it to watch Phelps win yet another gold and break another record or the tough luck gymnastics team that had been written off by the NBC commentators win a medal against all odds.  Why are the Olympics great? Because it is one of the few times it is acceptable to the majority to have some national pride.  I am nearly as proud to serve (in the military) as I am of our children!  Just look at these two!
These are our two little Olympians and they are awesome.  Mom and TUTU went in together to buy Ava a swing set for her birthday.  I think Char did a little online research and came up with the Trail Blazer sold at Walmart for a very reasonable $300.  I’m guessing it came with well over 1000 parts but the instructions were fairly clear and most of the stuff was in the one of the two boxes.  The first You-tube Tuesday from our new home in Alabama is of he kids enjoying their swing set.   They could play on this thing for hours.  It rained today so the ground was a little soggy as you can see by Binh’s wet behind.  We have a lot of fun with it.  I would recommend one of these to anyone who has a child 2 – 6. 

3 responses to “Youtube Tuesday – Olympians

  1. Instructions! You used the instruction! as a old cartoon bird used to say, Oh father I’m tho ashamed. You never read the instructions, even if it takes hours longer. O.K. now that I vented, the kids look great and enjoy because soon they will be hanging upside down with their heads barely missing the ground.

  2. I have to say that I feel I am personally responsible for Bihn’s love of the slide. When Charlet and the kids came to stay with us for the week (eat it, other friends) I sent him up and down the slide and that’s all he wanted to do. So there, it’s all my influence.

  3. cute kids — as far as the olympics — the opening ceremony wasn’t original. I actually wrote a post on this earlier — he’s the url:


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