Moving – Man’s Responsibility

Sorry it’s been so long!  A good chronological list of events contributing to the hiatus can be found at metaphase.  In addition to finishing school, buying a home, moving out of Boston, moving into a home, getting things livable in 5 days then taking off for another school for 5 weeks, my computer died.  The school was not terribly difficult but simply took every waking moment.

As soon as I got home there was a honey-do list waiting and actually full of fun stuff.  First was to put a tricycle together and another was to assemble a “backyard play center.”  The things with the slide, little rock wall, club house, pick-nick table, etc.  Did that ever take a while but in the end, it was worth every minute and penny.  The look on Ava and Binh’s faces when they walked out and saw that thing for the first time was absolutely priceless.  It acted like a catalyst, stirring this dormant energy that took them to a whole new level of excitement never seen before.  It was actually a little scary, I just needed to know that it would end at some point.  It did and they slept nearly an hour later this morning, worth every penny.  Video in the next day or so of them playing on it to do the post justice.  

I know there are a number of family operating philosophies out there.  Ours is more traditional, meaning if a bad major decision is made or something major goes wrong, 51% of the blame lies on the man of the household (not necessarily always the man mind you –  depending on state).  However, in our case this would land in my lap.  This move was our most complicated and risky.  In the end we worked together as a team and gotter done.  We even got the guppy MC, Mini-Caleb, here alive, mission success!  Our new homegot a stamp of approval from my mother-in-law, which is significant.  I truly value her opinion because she has bought a couple of nice homes and has taste.  No, no butt kissing here.  I am allowed to love and respect my mother-in-law.  Char still had to juggle life with two toddlers for 5 weeks.  That may have been more difficult than anything I did.  We are back together ready to move forward with this new family phase.


One response to “Moving – Man’s Responsibility

  1. Is that Legally Blonde on her first Mercedes Tricycle! You guys have taken on so much in the last 15 years. Moving all over the world, split from each other for months at a time due to the Navy, new homes, having a baby, adopting a baby and yet your love is still strong. Most give up long before any of these things. Hopefully in the coming years you will be able to relax and enjoy the benefits of all the hard work. It’s good to see you back with your family.

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