YouTubeTuesday – Tea Party

We would like to consider this next couple of weeks as a little vacation but its really not.  We have to make preparations for moving what we need and donating the rest.  With the purchase of our first home, we are learning about deductions and itemization this year.  I am really looking forward to moving to a new place.  We have said in the past that some in New England are… a little rough around the edges, but the friends we have made here are amazing.  They are so incredibly capable and giving. 

Tonight some of the previously mentioned friends got together at Char’s Bible study and had a potluck for us.  There was a wide variety but the grilled BBQ ribs were incredible, again, what great folks.  Char stayed for the study portion and I took the kids home.  It may have been the first time I had to put both down together by myself but it was no problem.  I got both ready and staged the bottles.  Ava was first because she had less sleep during the day.  I just let Binh hang out in the floor of Ava’s room while I read Ava a story and rocked her.  Meanwhile, Binh found a pan and pitch-fork from a sand castle kit and began pretending to feed himself.  At first I thought he was just mouthing the toys but he repeated the motion a couple of times and changed utensil position because he was having trouble getting the large pitch-fork in his mouth.  Just a neat little moment.  Guess we have to start thinking about letting him feed himself, that is going to be messy.

Char picked up a little book that came with a tea set, Princess Tea Party or something.  After reading Ava the book she seemed to know all about tea parties.  She looked at me and said “Tea Party!” and pointed to the little china set that came with the book.  I placed the tiny set on the cedar chest in her room and this Youtube Tuesday is a sample of her impeccable service with interference.    


2 responses to “YouTubeTuesday – Tea Party

  1. I must say, I particularly enjoy the “shake, shake, shake” along with the music during her tea service.

  2. Ava & Binh's Uncle

    Ava fix a hot cup of tea for Uncle Ryan! You and I have a lot to discuss, Red Sox, Government, and the moving plans. Binh can join in but I think he’s a little to young for our discussions.

    Love ya both

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