YoutubeTuesday – Standing

This will probably be the last “Binh only” YoutubeTuesday.  In the beginning it was important to catch family up with who he is.  We have definitely not forgotten about Ava. 

We are excited that we got an appt. with Dr. Laurie Miller who specializes in international adoptions.  Not that Binh is such a handful or anything but it will be very interesting to get such an experienced point of view.  Binh is developing very fast.  In the beginning we felt that he may not progress at the same learning pace that Ava has, but that is simply not the case.  He picks up on things very quickly.  His motor skills are further along that Ava’s were at her age.  He is already standing which is this week’s YoutubeTuesday video. 

We feel like Binh is already providing hints to his ultimate profession.  We have a drawer under the coffee Binh and Mrs. Packmantable with toys and such.  A while back we saw that 5 in 1 classic video game box at Target.  Yea, you know the one… most of you my age wanted it whether you to admit it or not, that Mrs. Packman/Galaga, Pole Position /etc.  I’ll bet at least one of you have one.  Anyway, Binh managed to get it out of the drawer and Ava wanted to “dribe the Cah.”  That’s right, she is dropping her Rs like a typical New Englander.  The pic below is Binh’s first experience with Mrs. Packman and he actually has some points!  He’s a gamer…




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