Catching Up

I know it’s been a while.  Char got sick on the way home, which ultimately lead to a trip to the hospital.  We have all been pushing our selves to get back on an Eastern time zone schedule.  Time to get to bed and lots to do but I thought I would post some pics. 

The folks in Siagon / Ho Chi Minh City are very friendly.  A nice girl volunteered to take our picture while we were waiting to catch the plane to Hanoi.  Had to take the trip to do business at the US Embassy.

Ho Chi Minh airport

Meal decisions in Vietnam were one of the more complicated daily issues.  Eating usually involved a risk assessment of seemingly familiar things.  We ate breakfast at the Hotel.  In Saigon / HCMC, breakfast was included with the room at the Tanmay Dinh and very good.  In Hanoi we simply picked up cereal and fruit and ate in.  Breakfast did not come with the room and cost $18 USD and not as good as the one in HCMC.  This pic represents what our typical evening meal.  We tried Vietnam prepared Thai which was a mild success.  Dinner in Vietnam

Once Binh got more comfortable the whole family went out to see the the sites in Hanoi.  We headed to the Ho Chi Minh Museum / palace /mausoleum.  It was a good choice and we drew a tour guide wanting to practice his English. 

Ho Chi Minh

Mos entrance


I found one more video from Vietnam.  I know many of these videos make Binh look like a crazy kid.  He does not always act like this but is usually in a good mood just after waking.  


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