The serious side of coming home

We are home but not to the same one.  This one includes a little boy.  There were times while in Vietnam that we wondered if we were doing the right thing.  All those questions were answered on the short hop from New York.  Because the flight is so short the aircraft maintains a low altitude and you get the see the landscape.  The air was crisp and clear.  I got the chance to watch the neatly spaced single family homes and clear lakes pass by.  Such a dramatic contrast to the last two weeks.  While Binh was sleeping peacefully in my arms with no idea where he was going it became perfectly clear that we absolutely did the right thing.  Looking down at my great country and realizing that he will now have the privilege to experience the two most wonderful things, unconditional Love and real Freedom.  



2 responses to “The serious side of coming home

  1. second that, brother. I too have fly-over ponderances of the worked ground / clear water below, the life inside the boxes, and the compartmentalized freedom of flight.
    Unconditional love and real freedom, seem like rareties or definite advances for a state and its polity. Thanks be to God!

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