YouTube Tuesday – Binh learning English

We have been really busy.  Char was up a lot last night with Binh.  The first couple of nights went fine but as you add parental love to a child that has not had all his needs met in the past you find some baggage.  The nannies told us that he only cried when he was hungry or wet.  I’m not sure the nannies had time to respond to much more.  Now he is finding out that we will try to meet all his needs with love so there are some fresh boundaries to test.  Unfortunately, Char was the one meeting those needs last night.  Tonight is mine, pray that he lets me sleep some.  Binh received his medical checkup and we bought tickets to Hanoi for tomorrow.  Packing and preparing to fly with two children slithering into more trouble than you thought possible is a challenge to say the least but we are managing.  We have been making our appointments with another adoptive family.  They are wonderful, we look forward to keeping in touch with them.

We really are limited on time so today’s Youtube Tuesday is a short example of Binh and our current language barrier.  We are not sure how many Vietnamese words Binh knows but apparently something like paper is comical.  Gotta go find an experiment for dinner…. 


6 responses to “YouTube Tuesday – Binh learning English

  1. What fun, what fun. Well….God is faithful isn’t he? Binh is really cute and it looks like he and Ava are going to be best buds. He has such pretty skin…tan like you and Ava I see. Do you all think you will be coming home earlier than expected? I know Charlet’s blog mentioned that it might happen. Let us know how you are if you get a minute. Take care. Love you guys.

  2. This video is SO cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ava & Binh's Uncle


  4. Binh is beautiful and fits right in with our bunch. He even looks like Char. Ava is going to be a great BIG SIS. We are all so proud and checking you out every day. Ash you look like you are missing some sleep!!! HA!!!

    Love, Rhonda

  5. He looks like a lot of fun. Did I hear a cat in the background? Ava and her cats???

  6. Ha ha ha! Too cute and funny! He probably just likes the sound with the aspirated /p/s… sorry I’m in grammar/linguistics mode. We’ll talk about lang. dev. when you get back. 😉 More videos!! 🙂

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