A little about our stay and Binh

We have been in the Tan May Dinh Hotel for a couple of days now.  The Hotel is rather new and has modern amenities, the best of which is WiFi and a PC in the room.  Most of the staff can speak a substantial amount of English.  I wish we had learned more Vietnamese before we left.  There is a incredible amount of construction going on in Ho Chi Minh.  It feels like most cities in Southeast Asia but seems to be growing a little faster.  The locals have been very friendly and love Ava’s blond hair and blue eyes. 

I have herd many talk about the inherent differences between boys and girls and our early experience with Binh confirms this.  Binh is very physical.  Ava has always liked soft things that she can rub on her face but not Binh.  When we hand him a soft toy and a hard plastic one he always chooses the one that will make the most noise when he bangs it on something.  You really have to hold on to him or he will twist his way out of your arms in a hurry.  We have a friends with little boys that all did the same things.  It still surprises you when you are use to a girl.

Well, here is a video of Ava and Binh playing for the first time.  The are getting along just fine.  More to come…



One response to “A little about our stay and Binh

  1. Oh! So, so sweet! They are going to be good friends as well as siblings! 🙂

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