Sorry it took so long

Yesterday our lives changed again.  There is so much to say and little time.  We were gone most of the day yesterday and spent the evening getting closer to Binh.  He is perfect.  The nannies took good care of him.  We got good rest last night and are enjoying the first full day as a new family.  Because Char’s site actually gets more traffic than mine, I will leave three of my favorite pics and write more in the next couple of days.  We have a couple of videos to post but our connectivity is a little temperamental so I will try one tomorrow.  Thanks for your prayers.  We are really enjoying our time in Vietnam.  If you have specific questions, simply leave them as comments and one of us will answer them tomorrow. 

Ava and Binh in the Hotel Windowdad_binh_sleeping.jpgava_feeds_ele.jpg


2 responses to “Sorry it took so long

  1. Hey Guys! Binh is beautiful, & so is Ava! This is the first I’ve seen of her, she’s got some blond hair!

    It’s pretty awesome that you guys have a blog. Keepin up with the times I see…

    I’m gonna favorite this page so I can keep up to date.

    Love Always!!

  2. Those are darling pictures!! Congratulations on your beautiful family!!

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