Tomorrow is the BIG day

We arrived on time and made it through immigration and customs relatively quickly.  I guess the slowest moving process was baggage claim, not really a bad problem as long as your luggage arrives.  Ava was a real trooper.  We were told that our hotel would send us a driver so we waited for about 30 minutes but never saw the guy.  So, we negotiated a taxi fair and were on our way.  We paid roughly $15 for the trip, which was a little much but we got there.  About an hour after we checked in and got settled, I went down to ask a question and the desk clerk asked me to sign a $40 bill for my trip from the airport.  She explained that I needed to pay regardless of weather I used it.  It was actually the desk manager that sent the van instructing her to get me to pay.  The clerk’s English was pretty good and she got stuck between me and the aggressive desk manager.  I think that the driver must have gotten side tracked or something and showed up late because after about 10 minutes of waiting, we were the only pale folks standing outside the airport.  If he was actually there, he would have seen us.  In the end, the general manager or his representative called and said we would not have to pay.  The whole experience seemed a little odd and I’m not sure I would have wanted to spend $40 for the ride anyway.

I woke to beeps from a sea of 125cc motorcycles at about 6am local.  We got around and had breakfast at the hotel and then headed out to the Zoo.  Zoos in other countries are cool in the fact that you can get closer to the animals.  Some might call it less safe but if you don’t act stupidly then I think you can have a better experience.  We got some great pictures of Ava feeding the elephants!  I can’t see that happening at a state-side zoo. 

If all goes well, we should be posting pics of the G-n-R tomorrow!


2 responses to “Tomorrow is the BIG day

  1. Ava & Binh's Uncle

    Thank goodness you’ve made it safe! I have been worried and praying. Tell Ava I can’t wait to talk to her on the phone and tell Binh his uncle will be holding him soon in June. Have a wonderful time and get back safely.
    Love Ya

  2. Happy that you made it safely… Can’t wait to meet Binh and see the rest of the family.
    You are in our prayers.
    We LOVE you

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