Youtube Tuesday – Talking to Tutu

Monday afternoon I was watching Ava while Char cooked dinner.  Ava picked up Char’s cell, handed it to me, and said “Tutu, Tutu.”  Aside: Tutu is what Ava calls Char’s mom, it’s the Hawaiian word for grandmother.  I asked if she wanted to call Tutu, not really considering she would give a serious response.  She looked right at me and said, “yeah!”  So… I called Tutu.  When she got on the phone I explained what happened and she agreed to ‘talk.’  This call ended up nearly putting us over on minutes…  The clip below is just a small segment of the conversation.  Clearly, Tutu was doing much of the talking but Ava was engaged and seems to understand what was going on.  To my knowledge, this is her first real phone conversation.  A couple of alarming things emerge.  After looking at this video we wondered, Is this how we look when we are on the phone?  Maybe Char does…  At least now we know who to hand the phone to when telemarketers call.  



One response to “Youtube Tuesday – Talking to Tutu

  1. Ava & Binh's Uncle

    I think Ava will do well as a teenager, she has the phone thing down perfect. Next step Texting!

    Now let’s talk about her drinking problem, shall we!

    See ya soon

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