Buying Time

ava_swiffer1.jpg The silence on the adoption front is deafening.  There are a couple of things that are helping with the I-600 wait.  The first is my wife’s kettle corn.  What a great treat!  If you like Cracker Jacks, you will love kettle corn.  I bought a “back to basics” old fashioned popcorn popper for her for Christmas and it just keeps on giving.  The second way to pass the time is teaching our daughter about life.  Char is teaching Ava her numbers (she can count to 13 because that is the number of stairs we have).  She knows a good number of her letters also.  As for me, I think it’s time she start pulling her weight!  What ava_swiffer2.jpgbetter way to get started than sweeping the floor?  Now this is a new day so to stay up with the times we “Swiffer.”  One really convenient thing about the Swiffer is that you can remove half of the handle and it’s just the right height for a toddler.  Just add positive re-enforcement and love and you have…

Well, a happy toddler with a Swiffer.    


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