Youtube Tuesday – Personality

ITS….  YOUTUBE TUESDAY!!!!  I feel this week has revealed more clues to Ava’s personality.  For instance, Ava loves to swing at the park.  At 19 months, she is already demanding to go higher, and higher.  I remember swinging as a kid and throwing my head back.  It felt really wierd and made me dizzy.  However, this is Ava’s preferred swinging position.  She also loves to play hide and seek with one of her stuffed animals being the seeker.  The funny part is that she insist on “helping you” and switching hiding spots.  For instance, if she hides in the living room behind the chair and you say, “I think I will look behind the couch.”  She will respond with a little, “yea!”  Sometimes she will repeat, “Ava where are you?”  Char caught Ava and I playing hide and seek in her room and it won the changingthepast token Youtube Tuesday video of the week.  She is so much fun to play with.  Its only getting better.



One response to “Youtube Tuesday – Personality

  1. You guys are bringing back some great memories for me. Taylor loved to play hide and seek, and what’s funny is when I would say are you behind this chair (knowing she wasn’t) she would respond no daddy I’m over here. That would go on for several hiding places and then finally realizing her dad was a complete idiot and couldn’t find anything, she would pop out and show me here location. Well they still give me that look of… dad your such a idiot, even though they are both in high school or soon will be. Thanks for the Flashback!
    See ya soon

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