How dogs can make you a better dad.

Char and I always planned to live a little before having children.  Additionally, being in the military dogs.jpgmakes planning a paramount.  We both love animals and have always had dogs.  Just before having Ava, I began to pay more attention to my dogs behavior around me and how I was responsible for that behavior.  One dog in particular, our 4 year old German Shepard, Caleb, is particularly sensitive.  Anytime I make a sudden move he flinches and sometimes yelps under his breath (if that makes any sense).  Something about the way I treat him is incompatible with his personality.  He is incredibly loving and only wants to please…  aren’t we all.  However, the flip side is that he is always under your feet.  Sometimes I snap at him to avoid tripping over him.  Is that really his fault?  It’s been 4 years and he has not changed,  maybe I should.  Thanks Caleb for the constructive feedback.        


2 responses to “How dogs can make you a better dad.

  1. I have three Chihuahuas that follow me around everywhere I go and are under my feet all the time, especially in the kitchen (gotta beg for that food). When I sit down, all three of them are on my lap.

    You see, I am their pack leader and this is the way dogs behave. I only stepped on Sissy once. Pretty good odds.

    Looks like you have a nice blog. I’m glad I found it. I have a blog all about my “children”. If you like dogs, come by and say, “Hi”. I get silly a lot.

  2. Silly Caleb. I wish he was under my feet again.
    Neener too!

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