Char and I are still waiting for I-600 approval.  So close…  As an adoptive parrent in process, I now notice so many multiracial adoptive families here where we live.  I’m sure they were always here before but just did not notice.  My first inclination is to reach out, ask about their process, and learn about them.  However, I realize that the obvious reason I noticed them was because they are  multiracial – different.  More importantly, what message would I be sending to the child by putting them on the spot.   It just doesn’t seem right.  This reality prevents me from ever saying anything.  How will I feel if approached?  Guess I will find out soon enough.


3 responses to “Dialog

  1. It’s funny but I’m an inter-racial adoptee (age 23) and I often notice other adoptive families. A part of me wants to just start asking them questions and I start imagining an invisible bond with the children (whether they be adults or infants) because our situation is different to the social ‘norm’.
    My mum often says that she can pick an Asian adoptee out of everyone in a room by their mannerisms and Aussie accents (I’m australian), and she speaks of wanting to run up and hug them because she has a real affection for what they’ve experienced in life.
    But we don’t approach that many adoptees because some don’t want to talk about it and those who do will usually say something first.
    I think that adoptive parents would love to hear of your experience as an adoptive dad in waiting – I guess it’s all in the approach you choose. That’s why blogging seems so good for this sort of question asking. You can find people who have been through your experience and who are willing to talk openly.

  2. I really enjoy your point of view. I have had the opportunity to visit South Korea and Australia quite a number of times. Nice car by the way. I am relatively new to blogging but like you said this media is a great way to get answers for some of the more complicated problems. Thanks!

  3. This starts to happen as soon as someone even entertains the possibility of adopting a child of a different ethnicity. As soon as my wife and I decided to explore international adoption, I started noticing all the families that could have possibly been adoptive families. You become very sensitive to it.

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