Comforting News

As stated in earlier post, I have been growing increasingly worried about our soon to be son.  Our absolutely wonderful agency has kept a reasonably steady stream of sunset.jpgpictures coming.  If just any old picture of a sunset says a thousand words then a picture of your soon to be son says a hundred thousand.  Unfortunately, some of those words lead to uncertainty.  Is he growing the way he should, is he getting what he needs, how is he developing…?  We had some legitimate concerns.  Additionally, because our I-600 approval period was taking a little longer and our son had not seen a doc in a while, our agency attempted and succeeded in getting our son a checkup, which we received yesterday.  What a blessing!  A great deal of uncertainty was laid to rest!  I understand that this is not an option for children that have had a recent checkup but if the situation is right, it is more than worth the cost.  Our report was thorough and answered just about every health and developmental question I had…  He’s got two teeth!


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