Binh then Ava & the Mariachi

We got a new picture of Binh today.  My reactions to pictures has diverged from my wife’s.  She seems to initially connect with him through the picture.  I see a baby boy who is alone, pale, and undernourished.  I know char sees these things too.  Don’t get me wrong, I cherish the update but also feel discomfort, which motivates me to prepare for him. 

 Ava’s vocabulary has be rapidly expanding over the last couple of weeks.  The interesting part of this phase is that, for the first time, you can determine exactly what she is talking about when she is recalling an experience.  The family went to a Mexican restaurant last Tuesday and there was a mariachi band playing.  The band worked its way over to a table next to us and Ava was mesmerized by the trumpet.  The couple at the table stood up and danced until the song was over.  Ava and I stood up and danced a minute next to our table and talked about the trumpet, it was at this point she learned what a trumpet was.  Just before we left, our server brought us a balloon and we headed back home.  The next night she said three words that made me proud, amazed, and speechless.  They were – “Trumpet – Boody – Balloon.”  I looked to Char as it to say, did she say what I think she said?  Char confirmed this and was not as surprise as I was.  Ava basically said, “hey, remember when we went to the place where the guy with the trumpet played and we danced and I got a balloon.”  Cheesy?      

 I have noticed that many in blog-world have “favorite photo Fridays.”  Well, because this is to help keep distant family and friends up to date, I will attempt “YouTube Tuesday,” where I will try to post a video of Ava and hopefully Binh in the near future on or about each Tuesday.  This first video is nothing special. Ava asked to blow bubbles so I put her in the tub and she tried her best…



2 responses to “Binh then Ava & the Mariachi

  1. Bubbles in the bathtub! Why hadn’t I thought of that. Our kids are always asking to blow bubbles, but we only let them do it outside.

  2. Thanks Dad! for allowing me to eat 2 ounces of liquid soap, I’ll make you pay later…if you know what I mean!

    Ava’s thoughts interpreted by Uncle Ryan

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