Getting Started

This blog will chronicle the thoughts and experience of an international potential adoptive dad.  Char and I are waiting for I-600 approval from Vietnam.  I was skeptical in the beginning.  Char and I have a biological daughter (see Raising Ava).  Our little boy’s arrival is a little different.  A pain grows in my heart as I think of his living conditions compared to ours.  I can only imagine that he will open a new compartment of endless love.

 I always wonder how the fathers of adoptive children initially reacted to the idea of adoption.  I guess it depends on the circumstances, was it their idea?, how much pain had they gone through?, had it always been on their heart?.  Regardless, we all merge into an endless love for our children in the end.  In our case, it had always been on my wife’s heart.  Initially, I didn’t really think that much about it.  I wanted to try to have a biological child first and then felt we would revisit adoption.  It stayed on Char’s heart and weighed heavier each day.  Finally, she asked me very directly how I felt and what about adoption worried me.  Without thinking, I listed our financial obligations and tried to determine a “safe” time to start.  I soon realized that I was scared more than anything.  Once we talked honestly about our feelings, it was time to get started.  We started our dossier in June and got a referral in September, simply a miracle.  We chose to adopt a boy because we already had a biological daughter.  Today, the money means very little compared to my excitement.  I keep thinking of raising my little Red Sox fan, painting his room, taking him fishing, etc.  

 More to come…    


3 responses to “Getting Started

  1. Red Sox! Do you realize by making the statement of raising your son as a Red Sox fan may jeopardize the adoption! Poor kid! It’s a good thing that Char and yourself have so many good qualities to counter balance the poor decisions in teams!

  2. Well, I don’t know about that. I think baseball is the right game and the Red Sox are the champs. It would be irresponsible to do anything else…

  3. It is amazing how close our stories are. We had some trouble getting pregnant and had discussed adoption as an option. Through our conversations, we also decided that maybe some day way in the future we might have a second set of adopted children. We finally got pregnant and had a son. When the time came,the subject of how to proceed with child number two, adoption came up again and we decided to go for it. Good luck with everything, it’s worth it.

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